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Law firm marketing presents some unique challenges and 2016 will bring a few changes in the manner in which law firms successfully generate leads. While 2015 was the year for law firms to focus on functionality of their websites, 2016 will be the year for a carefully crafted marketing mix that will include the following: […]

Today’s attorney needs to be easily accessible online. Clients want to find an attorney that will assist them immediately, provide resourceful information, makes contact easy, and is available even on their mobile device. At the heart of it all needs to be a comprehensive online strategy that utilizes the Law Firm’s website as a resource of […]

Ever searched online for a legal question, only to find a long blog entry that perfectly answered that question? When that blog is hosted by a law firm that provides a service relating to the blog entry, that is an example of lawyer blog marketing. As clients increasingly turn to the internet to find answers […]

3 Month SEO Campaign FREE with a New Website Start the New Year with a new web design that portrays your professional image while generating leads for your practice online.  Receive a 3 keyword SEO campaign FREE for 3 Months with a purchase of a New Website.  3 Keyword SEO Campaign Cost: $975 Per Month Total […]

Internet marketing strategies are essential to master for a successful practice, especially for lawyers.With so many lawyers in the field all competing for reliable business, it can be difficult to know how to stand out from the rest. It is important to raise the visibility of the practice through well-developed lawyer marketing, so control of […]

As the owner of a law firm in Houston, you probably already understand the important role of the Internet in marketing your services to prospective clients, but you may not be generating the results you desire from your own online marketing efforts. Often, this is because a law firm’s marketing approach is limited rather than […]

Lawyers are savvy professionals who are usually keen on conducting themselves conscientiously. They are careful not to say or do anything inappropriate that the public can attribute to or associate with them and their practice. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that the main source of new clients for law firms are referrals from other […]

According to the American Bar Association’s latest National Lawyer Population Survey, there are 1,300,705 lawyers in the U.S.  Houston and the rest of Texas racked up high numbers with 86,494 lawyers, ranking third nationwide, next to New York and California. This means that professionals in this line of work have to be extra creative to […]