How blog marketing can help generate leads for your law firm

Ever searched online for a legal question, only to find a long blog entry that perfectly answered that question? When that blog is hosted by a law firm that provides a service relating to the blog entry, that is an example of lawyer blog marketing. As clients increasingly turn to the internet to find answers to legal questions, blog marketing has become an increasingly useful way to generate leads and attract new clients.

Because most people are unfamiliar with the specifics of the legal field, blog marketing can be particularly effective for lawyers. When faced with a potential legal situation, many people will search the internet to learn what legal options are available to them. When the answer can be found on your law blog, the searcher is much more likely to seek your assistance in the legal matter.

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Lawyer Blog Marketing

To effectively take advantage of lawyer blog marketing, you need two things:

–  A well written blog that discusses specific problems potential clients are likely to face.

–  An expert in SEO with a Legal network to ensure the blog is visible on relevant sites and platforms

Good Blog Entries

The secret to good blog entries is not to write about generic topics. If a potential client has a license suspended due to a DUI, that person wants to read a blog entry entitled “Restoring a Suspended License After a DUI,” not one titled “What to Do If Your License is Suspended.” The more specific your blog entry relates to the legal situation a client is facing, the higher the chance they will contact you to handle their legal situation. A good way to choose blog topics is to think of specific questions that clients often ask when they first approach your firm and then write an entry that answers one of those specific questions.

Making Your Blog Visible

A good blog will only take you so far, especially if nobody is reading it. The best way to ensure that people are seeing your blog when searching for an appropriate topic, is to follow good SEO practice, engage in social media, and distribution of blog post to numerous legal industry sites. Make sure that your blog posts follow good SEO practice, that will increase your ranking on popular search engines like Google. A weekly or daily blog schedule ensures that your blog stays fresh and increases the traffic your blog will see. Think of trending topics and deliver relevant information to clients seeking your service, try to educate more than selling your service.

The task of having an effective Law Blog requires many hours of dedication each week, hours that take you away from what you do best, practicing law. Contact us today to schedule an appointment on how we can help make your law blog the resourceful center that will generate leads for your practice.

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