Internet Marketing Essentials for a Law Firm in 2016

Today’s attorney needs to be easily accessible online. Clients want to find an attorney that will assist them immediately, provide resourceful information, makes contact easy, and is available even on their mobile device. At the heart of it all needs to be a comprehensive online strategy that utilizes the Law Firm’s website as a resource of legal knowledge, lead generation, and immediate contact. A law firm’s internet marketing plan must encompass the following to meet the demand of its clients in 2016.

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A Professional Website Design

A website serves as both a marketing tool and an informational portal. This is where all your internet marketing will lead into, and where potential clients gather information about your practice & expertise. The website needs to be:

* Easy to navigate

* Informative, with high-quality content that answers their legal questions

* Quick contact option; clients need to be able reach someone immediately

* Fully responsive – Mobile friendly – this is perhaps the most important change you’ll make in 2016

* Fast loading: You have a few seconds to capture a web user & allow your site to load

* SEO friendly: Search Engine Optimization is critical for lead generation & online visibility

Provide a Resourceful & Informative Blog

Blogs allow you to directly communicate with your clients by educating them on legal topics, and answering any questions they might have in the comment section thru an open dialogue . A law firm must produce blog content that is informative, relevant to their area of practice, and offer advice on how to handle a particular legal issue.  Great content can be shared thru social media to establish the firm’s expertise in the field while also generating leads.

Protect your Online Reputation & Brand

Having a properly defined strategy for protecting your professional image, establishes trust and credibility when searching for your firm online. By controlling the first page of SERP(Search Engine Results Page), you control the message the world sees when it comes to your name & practice. The same consistent message must be displayed across all media platforms to establish the image desired. Having the following is a must for establishing any sort of image or brand:

* Well-designed, impressive logo

* Message and slogan

* Language and formality

* Branding of social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on

Each of these components must be integrated and consistently utilized for any of them to work. Slogans must be an integral part of every campaign; delivery style & message must be consistent on all advertisements; and branding across all media platforms will bring immediate recognition of the firm over time.

Many law firms today are starting to realize that reputation management and online marketing is a full time job in itself. Having the right team allows you to focus on practicing law, while they establish & protect your presence online. 2016 is sure to bring many new challenges, the right team can take those challenges and turn them into opportunities. Make sure your team has set forth a comprehensive marketing plan with a detailed plan of execution.

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