Internet Marketing: Monitor and Manage Your Firm’s Online Reputation from Threats

Lawyers are savvy professionals who are usually keen on conducting themselves conscientiously. They are careful not to say or do anything inappropriate that the public can attribute to or associate with them and their practice. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that the main source of new clients for law firms are referrals from other clients. One major unethical slip-up, and it can cost your legal firm dearly. With huge risk and reputations on the line, law firms in Houston and elsewhere, have learned to guard against gaffes, as well as marketing mistakes in their social media and website, with the help of an experienced internet marketing company.

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Almost Identical Domain Names

If you’re in any kind of business, a website is a necessity. Beyond that, you need effective marketing of your brand or your practice to establish your business identity. It’s ideal that your website domain be the same as your company name to make it easier for clients to remember. Sometimes, though, you’ll find that your desired domain name has already been taken. Don’t try to use anything close to it as this may confuse your clients, especially where there are negative posts that could affect your business reputation. When this happens to you, reputation management services can help by downplaying the negative and boosting positive content to redirect more traffic to your site.

Responding to Negative Reviews

One bad review can have a huge impact on your business reputation, but you should never respond to them negatively and brashly. That would only lead to more trouble as in the case of a lawyer featured in an ABA Journal who responded inappropriately to a bad review which eventually led to disciplinary action. Apparently, by explaining her side in an attempt to clear her name, this lawyer revealed confidential information, violating attorney-client privilege. The best way to address a negative feedback is to respond with a brief statement reassuring the client that you are seriously reviewing the matter, and then make sure you address the issue promptly.

Keep an Eye on Online Feedback

Monitoring your firm’s online reputation is essential. Ensure the accuracy of information posted on your website and social media accounts, noting the “mentions” you get of your practice online through news articles or reviews your clients leave at various rating sites. Your vigilance allows you to stay on top of any situation, able to address issues quicker before they turn into a full-blown crisis.

Your business reputation depends largely on the health your online presence. Most businesses choose to get help from law firm internet marketing agencies in Houston, such as Ingenious Business Marketing, to help them manage their online reputation more effectively.


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