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Ingenious Business Marketing offers web design & web marketing expertise to local clients based in Houston, TX. We design websites with industry specific objectives so they reflect your professional image to potential clients. Let us handle your web design so your site can become a more effective marketing tool.

A website's role is to attract online users long enough to raise awareness about your services. 

Clients will not give you a second chance to make a first impression

Online first impressions wether positive or negative can have a lasting affect on your business. An outstanding web design is key in portraying the image you want for your business or practice. Users enjoy visiting sites that are aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Our team will help you attain a good first impression from your website, and ensure they are fast loading & easily accessible to your clients. 

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Responsive Designs

Online mobile users are scheduled to outnumber desktop users by next year. It is no wonder that Google is paying close attention to this transformation and so should you. If your website is not mobile responsive, you might be neglecting potential clients who browse your site via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With such a colossal change taking place, mobile users are potential clients that you can't ignore or want to lose going forward.

Google supports the following configurations for serving content on smartphones: mobile responsive, dynamic serving, and mobile version website. Google prefers Mobile Responsive and the others are supported but not recommended. Dynamic serving uses the same URL but it serves different HTML & CSS depending on the device and can cause indexing problems. Mobile version actually creates a new URL, great, so now you have two sites to maintain?

Every project presents its own challenges, our approach begins with understanding your industry, business goals, and competitive marketplace.


Before we offer to build your website, we need to know your business and your target market. This will help customize our approach and will lead to better results. All our services are carefully built to suit your business needs with marketing content that truly works


Let Ingenious Business Marketing handle your website’s design, and we will ensure that your site not only looks good and appeals to your clients, but also works properly on all devices. 

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